What our Corporate Client say about us
Algunas de las empresas que ya nos eligieron y confiaron en nosotros
"The program ProntoWash provided has added value to the whole retail chain. I solved my problem of delivering the client his car in perfect condition and at the same time I reduced risks and internal costs”
“Christian Otero - Manager of Dietrich Dealer’s Operations
Service Provided: Dealership showroom vehicles cleanliness, delivery of new cars, service and rental vehicles.
"The service has provided an important added value to us, especially as for the convenience that the service represents. We are really satisfied! Washing vehicles through this method while they are not being used is essential".
Dario Doreli - Coca Cola - Maintenance of Fleet Supervisor
Service Provided: Logistic vehicles cleanliness (Vans and trucks)
"Our experience with ProntoWash was really good. They have helped us with various clients and they are fully satisfied. Once, they managed to wash 250 General Motors cars in 1 day after a major hailstorm! Honestly, it has been a success to have them as a vendor and work directly with their team. They have the operations capacity and ability to adapt to each of our clients and to offer the service with a lot of professionalism."
Daniel Montenegro – Delta Dock Operation Manager
Service Provided: Washing of recently imported vehicles into country - more than 4,000 new imported vehicles serviced to date

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