Individual Franchise Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the individual franchisee business?
The individual franchisee business is to develop the operation in one specific parking lot. Methodologies and income vary according to each country conditions and the franchisee personal preferences. The franchisee can: i. Sell the car wash service: Hires washers to whom he coordinates and encourages to generate a higher income. ii. Rent washing-karts: He offers a "micro franchise" to each washer who rents the equipment at a fix charge and who assumes the car wash business development. Each alternative has advantages and disadvantages and the franchisee will eventually select the option that best suits its risk preferences and profitability expectations.
Which is the distinctive advantage of the PW individual Franchise?
Low initial investment, fast repayment, easy operation and immediate implementation.
What kind of service do WashingKarts require?
The service required by WashingKarts is basically preventive maintenance, and it is focused on the mechanical components of the equipment. Preventive maintenance of WashingKarts will help to extend the equipment useful life indefinitely, as its parts are extremely solid and durable. Preventive maintenance consists of cleaning the equipment parts: vacuum cleaner, washing sink, drainage tubes, etc.
How many liters of water does one car wash use?
Considering an average car with average dirt on it and based on the washer experience, 5 liters of water are used in one car wash approximately.
How long does it take to have a car washed?
Considering an average car with average dirt on it and based on the washer experience, the complete car wash takes 30 to 45 minutes approximately.
How many car washes can an operator do?
The number of vehicles an operator can wash varies widely. You can reasonably expect an operator to wash 120 to 160 units per month. The franchisee capacity and involvement to make the operation profitable will be a definite factor for the final number.
How many operators are necessary per parking lot?
Each parking lot is unique as it has its own characteristics regarding: i. Number of parking units
ii. Vehicle turnover
iii. Average time of parking lot use
iv. Average operative days per month
v. Operation hours
vi. Physical characteristics of parking lot: covered / uncovered; ground floor / multiple-story facility.
vii. Users' socioeconomic profile
viii. Weather conditions
ix. Washers training level
x. Quality of services rendered by the franchisee.
Based on the items above and considering the individual capacity of each washing-kart, it is convenient to adjust the number of operators to reach an optimal number. This is possible thanks to the modularity of the productive capacity of the PW system: if you need more washing-karts, simply add them, and, on the contrary, if you have to reduce the number, just remove them at no cost and effort.
What do workdays depend on?
The weather condition and holidays are definite factors for operative days.
Is rain good or bad?
Rain can be a consumption incentive but it can also damage the business depending on the type of rain -isolated and intermittent rain or whole-day continuous rain.
How do ProntoWash, the franchisee and the parking lot interact?
PW rents from the parking lot the right to use the parking lot. As a counterpart, the parking lot charges PW a monthly charge. PW assigns its franchisee the use of the parking lot through the franchising contract.
Where is the equipment kept during the night?
All operative equipment should be kept in a warehouse (to be erected) in the parking lot. This storage area will be the operative center of each franchising business.
Which are the services offered to clients?
Car interior wash, car exterior wash, waxing, polishing, upholstery reconditioning, engine wash, headlamp polishing, carpet cleaning and other region-specific services.
Which is the biggest benefit for the service final user?
Convenience: The client does not have to take the car to a car wash facility.
Comfort: The car wash is carried out while the client makes other activities (no need to hang on the service)
Safety: The car is not moved
Environmental awareness: Unique environment friendly car wash system in the market due to its rational use of water and energy.

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