Support Provided to Individual Franchisee

Individual Franchisee's Company Development
Business Model: Income and Expenses Composition.
Legal structure and General Support of Legal Documentation
Reporting Structure Templates.
Income Statement (Profit & Loss Analysis).
Tax advisory. Benchmarks and examples.
POS Auditing and Support.
Location Provided within Requested Region
Storage Deposit: construction, layout and utilities
Provision of supplies, materials and equipment
  • PDA: data collection
  • Intranet: Information management; Online community tools
Service Training
  • Induction: A comprehensive training course covering the commercial and technical aspects of operating an individual franchise
  • Launching: Assistance in the operation launching: On-site support during first two weeks of franchise opening
Ongoing support.
  • Operations Help desk
  • Consultation visits
  • Troubleshooting.
  • Benchmark (ratios analysis, general productivity).
Marketing advisory services:
  • New Product testing and launching.
  • Product POS MIX.
  • Pricing Structure and Promotions.
Quality Assurance Programs, Mystery Shoppers, Surveys, etc
Global efforts: Public Relations; Advertising; International Website
Human Resources
Washers Staff Recruiting
Labor contract models.
Turnover management of Washers.
Initial group training

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