Support provided to Master Franchisee

Master Franchiseeís Company Development
Legal structure.
Management team recruiting, job description and profiles.
Direct advisory on key personnel.
Infrastructure. Office. Deposit. Technology.
Franchise Business Model and Expansion: PW assists the master franchise in the definition of the franchise business format and its development strategies.
Territory strategy. Regional masters, area development, development agents, city franchise or multi franchise alternatives. Pros and cons benchmark.
Service Training: car wash technical and commercial aspects of the operation and it is integrated in two phases:
  • Induction: First approach to an ongoing PW operation in PWI headquarters in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This stage is key to clearly understand what is like a PW operation and what does it require.
  • Launching: Assistance in the country launching, helping in workers recruiting, storage building, equipment set up, and more technical and commercial general matters.
  • Ongoing support: Operations Help desk / Consultation visits.
Prospect POS selection and appraisal. Training and consultation.
Benchmark (ratios analysis, general productivity).
Equipment and Supplies. Provision of Karts (Washing and MiniKarts) and supplies.
POS Auditing and support. Strategy and process.
Negotiationís Framework.
Support on large and/or complex transactions.
International leverage on retail chains.
Development of legal documentation (models).
General Support.
Support on Competition and legal defense issues.
Support on Brand and patent protection issues.
Marketing Of Services
Marketing advisory services:
  • Product mix. General strategy. New Product testing and launching.
  • Pricing, general strategy and problem solving.
  • Local promotion. POS Launching and ongoing efforts.
Marketing Of Franchises
Business case and market proposal.
Marketing development..
  • Promotion material.
  • Sales strategy.
  • Prospect Database management
  • Franchise fairs. Strategy and direct support.
PR strategy.
Recruiting best practices.
Labor contract models.
Turnover management.
Assistance in the development of local providers.
Logistics. Imports and distribution to franchisees.
MF Launching. Accounting and administration definitions.
ERP selection and settings.
Audit and legal issues.
Tax advisory. Benchmarks and examples.
HR management advisory.
Web design and update.
Intranet developments.
  • MF utilities.
  • Sub franchisee developments.
Third parties developments. Advisory and benchmarks
International Network
International networking synergy.
International promotion trough fairs, expos and media.
Retail chains synergy.
Prospect source.
Ongoing R&D
Equipment and material development.
Process and service improvements.
Marketing development. POS material, media, PR, etc.
New product/service development.

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