Franchising Model

Master Franchisee

Master Franchisee

The Master Franchisee is devoted to develop the PW business by operating owned units, selling and supporting unit franchises (regional franchises when applicable), negotiating agreements with property owners, and achieving business development goals.

There is only one Master Franchise per country - with exclusive territorial rights - that acts as the local chapter of ProntoWash International.

The Master Franchisee will assemble an appropriate and dedicated work force to assist him developing the total market potential of his country.

The Master Franchise license has an entry fee (that is in accordance with the potential of each country) and a monthly royalty that is a percentage of his business.
The Master Franchisee receives from PW Int. a total support package of: know-how transference (manuals, videos, etc.), initial and updating training, trade marks and patents license of use, equipment and materials supply, marketing best practices, legal and administration assistance, and the ongoing advice of our team of experts from ProntoWash International.

Send us your data so we can contact you as soon as possible and discuss in depth the possibilities of developing the business in your country.
Master Franchise Profile
The required profile to become the Master Franchisee is that of an entrepreneurial person; with management abilities and HR motivations; with influence and contacts in the local market (specifically in the retail area), service-oriented and highly focused on the end consumer; with financing capacity and willingness to dedicate fully to the company's management.


Unit Franchisee

Unit Franchisee

The Unit Franchisee is devoted to manage his operation, leading the washers and supervisors staff to offer its customers a world-class car wash and detailing service.

The Unit Franchisee has exclusive rights to operate the PW business in a specific location. He’ll relate to the Master Franchisee of his country and receive support from his staff of experts.

His main activities are to recruit, train and motivate the team of washers, be the front face of his business to the clients and the general public, control service quality and take care of the clients needs.

The Unit Franchise license has an entry fee (in accordance with location tier) and a monthly royalty.

The Unit Franchisee receives from the Master Franchisee: the exclusive right to operate the business under the ProntoWash brand, access to the location (optional), equipment and materials supply, training and the ongoing advice of the MF ProntoWash team of advisors.
Unit Franchise Profile
The required profile to obtain the unit franchise is that of a self-motivated person who is also organized, disciplined, customer and service oriented, and willing to fully devote to the management of his business.

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