Operational sites

Operational sites

Operational sites

The typical ProntoWash operation is located at parking lots in shopping malls, or even at corporate buildings. It can be at a covered parking as well as in open facilities. In these last ones, the ProntoWash AutoSpa presents the necessary structure to protect the operation from the sun.

The AutoSpa is located at a high visibility spot within the parking lot and it should be accessed as easy as possible. Each hub runs at least within 6 parking spaces, and there can be as many hubs as large the parking lot is.

The time customers spend at the location should be long enough as to allow us to deliver the services offered. The average stay in the commercial locations is 2+ hours.

The higher is the automotive traffic and the power of purchase of the customers, the higher is the potential of the parking.


Non traditional location sites

Operational sites

Thanks to its versatile system, ProntoWash can be flexible enough to adapt to almost any location type.

Whether it’s a night or day shift, customers staying for the whole day or only a few hours, being visited regularly or just occasionally, wherever there are enough cars for enough amount of time, we can place an AutoSpa to offer our services. Here are some examples of these non traditional places:

  • Universities and College Campuses
  • Residential Buildings
  • Business and Industrial Centers Strip Malls
  • Airports
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Convention Centers - Hotels
  • Entertainment and Sports Venues
  • Casinos

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