Our Concept

What we doProntoWash takes the traditional car wash business to a unique, environmentally friendly, customer convenient, mobile car wash and detailing service level.

The ProntoWash business is focused on providing consumers a time saving, value-added service, while providing property developers a unique, incremental opportunity from an otherwise underused asset – the parking areas at major shopping centers and business complexes.

The ProntoWash retail store – AutoSpa – is typically comprised of 8-16 spaces and is clearly distinguished by its glittering store and proprietary WashingKarts. The ProntoWash AutoSpa can be placed either indoors or outdoors, assuring operational capabilities in all climates and a flexible business opportunity.


Service Concept

  • The company offers hand car wash and high end detailing services in major high traffic locations – including major shopping centers, corporate buildings/complexes, and strip centers among others.
  • ProntoWash system allows to wash a car with less than a quarter gallon of water.
  • This state-of-the-art car wash service is based on: proprietary methodology and equipment developed ad hoc; biodegradable lotions, and micro-fiber clothes.


Benefits for Customers

  • Convenience: no need to waist personal time
  • Comfort: no need to take the car specifically to have it washed
  • Agenda Free: no need to make an appointment
  • World Class Quality: international standards, supervision and control
  • Reliance: back up of an international company
  • Environmental care: no effluents impact, rational use of water and energy


Comparison of Washing Systems

  • Need to move car
  • Loss of time
  • Physical Exertion
  • Inconvenience
  • Waste of water and energy
75 lts.
  • Little efficiency and without supervision
  • Necessity to move car to washing site
  • Quickness
  • Waste of water and energy supply
  • Risk of scratches on the vehicle
250 lts.
  • Non-friction efficient washing
  • No need to move car
  • Performed while client is engaged in some other activity
  • Maximum protection of the car
  • No waste of energy nor water supply
  • New cloths for each wash
  • The washing area remains dry and clean
4.5 lts.
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